Whether you have your own logo or you would like our staff to design one for you we will see it through until the final product! We help you plan, design and print something RAD.


We generally say the first 15 minutes of art time is free. This could be the time it takes us to break down a complex file, or the time it takes us to recreate a simple design. After those 15 minutes we charge $35/hour. We offer full art services at our hourly rate.


For logo and identity design, we can provide you with a flat-rate quote, based on your needs. A deposit may be required. Contact our Art Department, and set up a consultation.


Most screen printing shops have an Art Department, responsible for processing graphics files provided by their customers, and preparing them for screen printing. Occasionally, they get to create original designs. But for the most part, their focus is on technical execution, making sure that provided art is set up properly.

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